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1. In collaboration with Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg (BNI) and the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR)
 Analysis of the Anti-Filarial T Cell Responses in Onchocerciasis patients.
 Analysis of Cytokine and Cytokine receptor Allelism associated with
 Disease Manifestations in onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis.
 Doxycycline Chemotherapy for depletion of Wolbachia endosymbiotic bacteria in the treatment of onchocerciasis.

2. In Collaboration with Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research
    Studies on the distribution of the Molecular Marker for Pyrethroid resistance in Populations of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
     Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of insecticide resistance and sequencing of the genes responsible for conferring Pyrethroid Resistance inthe main Anopheles vectors of malaria in Ghana.

3. Waste Recycling
Development and production of activated charcoal from coconut shell wastes as a means of minimizing and recycling wastes.
Activated charcoal has been found to exhibit powerful bleaching and deodorizing properties and is superior to imported activated charcoal in refining vegetable oil. It has also been tested and found very efficient in water purification.

4. CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food
This is a collaboration between KNUST and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, which is aimed at safeguarding Public Health Concerns, Livelihoods and Productivity in Wastewater Irrigated Urban and Peri-urban vegetable Farming.
Challenge Program on Water and Food sponsored two sister projects (PM 38 and PN 51) in collaboration with International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Accra, University of Copenhagen and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural KNUST.

5. UNICEF Project
United Nations Children's Fund awarded an amount of $5,279.79 to Dr. K. Obiri-Danso to investigate "Pollution of Peri-Urban Water Supply from Groundwater sources in the Bawku-East District.

6. EU Funded Project/NETSSAF
Prof. R.C. Abaidoo and Dr. K. Obiri-Danso are involved in an EU Funded Project NETSSAF The Network for the Development of Sustainable Approaches for Large Scale Implementation of Sanitation for Africa (NETSSAF) which is within the Coorperation Strategy in the framework of the FP6 Program of the European Community. The aim is the preparation of the technical and organizational foundation for massive implementation of sanitation facilities in West Africa. The general objective of the Coordination Action NETSSAF is to coordinate and integrate the current scientific research, technological innovation and execution activities, creating synergies to support large-scale implementation of sustainable sanitation systems in periurban
and rural areas of West Africa.

7. Lancaster University Alumni Grant
The Alumni Association of Lancaster University, UK awarded a grant of £4,728.00 to enable a PhD student from Lancaster University work with Dr. K. Obiri-Danso in the laboratories of the Department of Theoretical and Application Biology on pathogen numbers on freshly eaten vegetables irrigated with wastewater.

8. Canada NSERC/University of Waterloo Project
Canada NSERC in collaboration with University of Waterloo have awarded US$4,912.76 and equipment worth
CAD$6,475.00 to Prof. E. Frempong and Dr. S. Aikins to investigate the limnology of Lake Bonsumtwi in Ashanti region